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With this system on your site, members who clicked on the ad you defined as Cheat-Link will have their site Suspended accounts. Supports auto-click programs.

If you have encountered problems to prevent people from making money on your site without seeing the ads, we have the solution for you.


With this addon you can prevent this from happening by forcing members to click through the traditional mode by accessing and viewing the ads correctly. This is to ensure for advertisers that their ads are being viewed by real people.


To activate is very simple, just go to the page to manage ads, choose or create a new ad and set it as CHEAT-LINK. Simple, right ?! And you can define as many ads as you want, and / or choose in which category it will appear.


And you might have a list of members that were suspended in the Cheat Logs menu, with a warning that that member was suspended because they clicked on a Cheat-Link ad.


You can activate the member again without problems.

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