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    BitcoinAd Template

    BitcoinAd Template
    BitcoinAd Template BitcoinAd Template BitcoinAd Template BitcoinAd Template BitcoinAd Template BitcoinAd Template BitcoinAd Template
    $10.00 USD
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    1000 pcs

    Templates for EvolutionScript. Start your ptc site with the template BitcoinAd. Beautiful light and adaptable layout will make your site even more attractive to users. You must have the Evolution script installed.

    For Members

    Members can earn simply by viewing the ads you add or advertisers.



    You can advertise on his website and increase your sales and traffic.


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    Main benefits for members of your ptc site.


    - Earn R $ without leaving home.

    - Earn up to $ 0.010 per click or more (Depends on the value of you administrator).

    - Earn referral commissions per click.

    - Guaranteed daily announcements (Depends on you administrator).

    - Registration Fee - Members earn commissions for registering on websites. The admin can set prices and credits by selling packages.


    Upgrades and Referrals

    - Create account types and increase the profit of your site and its members.

    - Allows the user to rent and renew referrals.

    - Allows purchases of referrals (Your member buys the referral and will be his forever).

    - You administrator, will define the values ​​of each package in your own way.


    Security for you and your members


    - Anti-Fraud Protection

    - Demographic filter

    - Thousands of royal visits

    - Detailed statistics (For members and admin)


    Processors accepted (Brazilian processors, some require integration and configuration).

    - PAYPAL

    - PAYZA


    - Payeer


    - EGOPAY



    Supported Modules (Not all come with Script, but are purchased separately)

    These modules are tools that can add incredible functionality to your site, which are:


    Unavailable in script (Products Sold Separately)

    - Integrated grid game (The user can earn commissions if he hits the winning announcement. This field is fully manageable by the admin, and can control the probability of the members' success).

    - Adprize - Similar to the Neobux Adprize, where the member gains chances of making more money by visiting websites.

    - LiveBanner - allows the user to advertise banners of the website with referral link of him and with earnings statistics of him.

    - Referral Contest - Who else to indicate wins (Admin controls how much he will pay).

    - Anti-bot - Secure system will prevent auto-bots from working and thus malicious people take advantage. (When the user clicks, he loses his account balance).

    - Bot-System - Allows more referrals to be made available to the site (if the site has no referrals available yet).

    - PointContest - The more points the user has won (Admin controls how much he will pay).

    - Email Referral - Allows sponsors to communicate with referrals and vice versa.

    - Displayed total ads counter.

    - Renevue Shares - Defines gains in x days for its members. Pro admin, you can sell share packages.

    - Auto Recycle - Allows the recycle bin to be automatically recycled. Pro admin, you can set recycling price.

    - Head or Tail Game - Face or crown, if the user hits, wins. (Admin controls how much he will pay). Pro admin, can set the values.

    - PTC AutoSurf - Allows the member to surf in ads. Pros admins, allows you to sell packages of credits.

    - Referral Levels - Defines how many levels of referrals the user may have.

    - Send Money - Send money between members.

    - Traffic Exchange - Traffic Exchange, kind of, I visit your site and you visit mine. Pro admin, you can sell credits.

    - Login Ads - When the user logs into the site, an advertisement is displayed. Pro admin, can sell, if any member wants to have the ad displayed every time any user logs on.

    - Crack The Vault - Allows members to try to figure out the password, and if so it receives commissions. Pro admin, you can set values ​​and prizes.

    And much more....

    We develop addons and custom functionalities.


    Recommended hosting (Stay with us and support is free for 3 months)



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